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"What happens after a gynecologic oncologist follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat happens after a gynecologic oncologist follow up?


I'm not sure what to expect. I'm 40.


First off, I am sorry to hear that your are dealing with what sounds like a gynecologic cancer diagnosis. This can be a very difficult time, and I hope that you are able to connect to the resources that you have available, including family and friends. A gynecologic oncology appointment will be mostly about going over your medical history and looking at the events that led to the diagnosis of cancer. As the treatments for various types of cancers depends a lot on these events as well as specialized studies to determine the exact type of cancer, this is an important first step. If the exact type of cancer has not yet been determined, this might be the first focus. Additionally, it might be important to conduct other tests (such as imaging studies) to determine if the cancer has spread at all throughout the body. Once all of this information is gathered, your gynecologic oncologist will lay out for you what your various treatment options are, which could include a combination of surgery (to remove cancerous tumors) and chemotherapy (drugs that are taken to kill off cancerous cells). Subsequent appointments will be used to follow you as you go through treatments and to see how the treatments are working.

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