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"Is laser hair removal permanent?"

ZocdocAnswersIs laser hair removal permanent?


I never want to shave my bikini line again. Will laser hair removal work?


You are stating the goal of the thousands of people who sign up for this procedure every single year. Laser hair removal is effective for some (especially those with light skin and dark hair) because of what it does to the actual hair follicle itself. An intense burst of energy from the laser will heat the hair and cause it to transmit some of this energy down to the follicle (where the hair originates under the most superficial layer of the skin), which then will stun the follicle or hopefully disrupt its ability to create more hair in the future. This then leads to the perfect world you are seeking where you never have to shave your bikini line again, although the hair will often grow back eventually. While the results are often excellent, it is important to know that it often takes multiple visits and multiple attempts before the results are as perfect as you are imagining. Additionally, the results are variable from person to person. Your dermatologist would likely be a good and objective resource for you to ask if your skin type would be appropriate for this sort of therapy, and whether or not you should anticipate worthwhile results.

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