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"How long does it take to heal from a head injury?"


I am a 29 year woman who was in car accident. Will I heal quick?


Things to consider with regards to the car accident and the head injury that you sustained include whether or not you lost consciousness after the accident? Did you have any open or closed skull fractures noted? Was there any blood noted in any of the cavities within the cranium (either subdural blood, epidural blood, or bleeding within the brain itself)? Have you had any neurological deficits after the accident such as weakness or confusion? These are all questions that would be helpful when addressing your primary care doctor. Along with your medical history, and neurological exam, this information will help him or her decide upon the appropriate work up for your head injury. This may include lab tests or imaging studies.

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He or she may refer you to a specialist for further evaluation. If you have developed seizures disorders, which can be seen after traumatic brain injury, then there are various antiseizure medications that they may start you on. Of course, without a proper neurological exam and some imaging studies, it is difficult to make any diagnosis, and so, it is recommended that you are evaluated by a medical professional who will decide whether further work up is necessary and what treatment options are available.

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