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"Can I fracture my head by falling off a bike?"


I fell off my bike and hit my head. I was wearing a helmet, but I was still a little dizzy after. Could I have injured something?


Without being able to evaluate you in person, it is difficult to know the extent of damage that could have been sustained from your biking injury. Did you lose conciousness after the fall? Have you had any neurological deficits after the injury, such as weakness, confusion, or lethargy? These are all questions to consider and discuss with your primary care doctor or neurologist who can decide upon the appropriate work up from his point onwards. This may include lab tests or imaging studies.

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He or she may decide to refer you to a specialist for further evaluation. In general, it is very important to wear a helmet when biking and it sounds like it was a good thing that you were wearing one at the time of your fall. It is very important that you are evaluated by a medical professional as traumatic brain injuries can be devastating and some of the adverse effects do not appear immediately after the injury. For instance, seizure disorders are not uncommon after traumatic brain injury and depending on whether or not you are having symptoms, they may decide to start medications for this.

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