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"Is a hand surgery consultation needed for a broken hand?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a hand surgery consultation needed for a broken hand?


I thought theyd just put my hand in a cast. Why would I need surgery?


Anytime you fracture a bone near a joint or near an important structures such as the hand, you should always see a specialist to make sure that it will heal correctly, and to make sure that you do not need surgery. This goes for just about any hand fracture I can think of. While you are correct that most hand fractures do not require surgery, the hand surgeon will still be able to treat your fracture in the best way possible even if that is without surgery. I suggest that you schedule that appointment with the hand surgeon sooner than later. This is because you want to make sure that he or she sees all the available imaging (x-rays, etc) before the hand begins to heal. If no surgery is needed, then you may only need the one consultation in order to make sure that you have the right brace or cast. If the fracture was severe, or near a joint, then you may need a second consultation in several weeks to make sure that your hand is healing properly. This may require additional x-rays done down the road after the cast is removed. Finally, after the cast is off and your consultation with the hand surgeon done, you may need a short course of physical, or occupational therapy to get your hand working properly again. Good luck.

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