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"What causes Ptosis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes Ptosis?


My baby has a drooping eyelid. Why?


First of all I am sorry to hear that your baby has a drooping eyelid. There is no way for anyone to tell you for sure exactly what is going on without being able to examine your child fully, and take a thorough history. Therefore I would definitely recommend that you take your child to a pediatric otolaryngologist (ENT aka ears, nose, throat), or a pediatric ophthalmologist. With that being said, I am happy to give you some general information about ptosis (which definitely doesn't substitute for a doctors appointment). Ptosis in its most basic form is a word that means abnormal lowering or drooping of a body part. When most people use the term (and I am assuming you are the same), they are referring to ptosis of the eyelid. There are multiple different etiologies of eyelid ptosis. In order to understand them, you must first understand that there are 2 main muscles that are responsible for raising the eyelid; the levator, and Muellers muscle. The levator is the main muscle, and is controlled by the occulomotor nerve (cranial nerve 3). The Mueller muscle is controlled by sympathetic fibers which follow the ophthalmic artery. There are many different etiologies of drooping of the eyelid (ptosis). Violation or one or both of the nerves, any process that causes muscle weakness, infection, inflammation, neurotransmitter problems, etc. Again I would recommend taking your child to a physician to be evaluated. I hope this helps.

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