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"What information will I be given at my head oncology consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat information will I be given at my head oncology consultation?


Do I need to bring any information?


Head oncology covers a wide range of medical and surgical specialties in the doctor world, and this ambiguity makes it difficult to understand if you will be speaking with a neurosurgeon (who operates within the skull on brain tissue), a medical or radiation oncologist (who will treat with chemotherapy or radiation, respectively), or a head and neck surgeon (aka ear-nose-and throat surgeon, aka otolaryngologist), who would operate anywhere on the head and neck other than the brain. or spine. As the information given will vary widely between the specialties, we will cover some basics. First, your doctor will review why you are at his or her office and what symptoms you are having. He or she will do a physical exam, and then recommend further testing or give you a working diagnosis. They will then offer treatment suggestions, and perhaps, a prognosis. Finally, they will go over what to do between now and the next time you visit with them, as well as a schedule. You should take any medical paperwork, results of testing, or anything else that you might have received thus far with regards to your current medical health, as well as any questions that you might have. Please speak to your oncologist for more specific information.

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