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"How many head surgery follow ups are typical?"


I am a 40 year old man. Will I need to come by the hospital many times? I need to work.


Your question is one that, unfortunately, will need to be discussed more fully with your surgeon. As all surgeries are different, and all patients as well, your need for follow up will vary hugely based on your specific reason for having the surgery, what type of surgery you have, and how well you recover. For example, head surgery for cancer will generally require more follow up than will a simple surgery to remove your tonsils.

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In one, you can plan on seeing your doctor at regular intervals for years, while the other will require possibly no more than a single visit to make sure that you are recovering well. Again, please speak to your doctor about which end of the spectrum you will be on. Your surgeon will also be able to be flexible with your schedule inasmuch as this is possible. Obviously, your health and well being are the most important concerns on the table, and a part of that is your ability to work and provide for yourself and family. Your surgeon will understand this, and, with open communication between the two of you, you should be able to reach an optimal level of visits for your health, and your well being.

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