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"What will they check for at my heart malformation surgery follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat will they check for at my heart malformation surgery follow up?


Are there many tests?


This question is quite hard to answer, as a lot of this will depend on what type of heart malformation you have and what type of surgery you had. The surgery followup will generally involve an appointment with the surgeon who performed the surgery to make sure any wounds are healing well and there are no surgical issues. It may also involve an appointment with your regular cardiologist, who will be managing your care after your heal from the surgery long term. At this appointment, likely there will be a lot of questions about your recovery and the presence of any concerning heart related symptoms like shortness of breath, palpitations, or swelling in the legs. They will also be concerned to make sure you are taking all of your medications as prescribe and to make sure there are no serious side effects from any of your medications. Another part of your followup may include a physical therapy assessment to see how you are recovering physically after your surgery. In short, follow up appointments after this type of surgery often involve many members of your medical team, all of whom are looking out for your best interests. Make sure to write down any questions you might have beforehand, so that you do not forget to ask them.

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