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"Can a heart transplant consultation help me overcoming my coronary artery disease?"


I'm a 40 year old male with coronary heart disease. Would a heart transplant take care of my problems?


Heart transplants are one of the many miracles that modern medicine has to offer, and are very successful and invaluable to those patients who need them most. For most patients, however, a heart transplant is not the answer. This is because they come with a large burden of new problems that are caused by the lifetime of immunosuppressive medications that transplant patients require after the transplant is complete, not to mention the fact that heart transplant surgery is both very difficult, but also very aggressive for most conditions.

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Ironically, the drugs used after the transplant can cause many new problems, including heart disease. For a 40 year old man with an entire life left ahead of him, a heart transplant would generally not be the first recommendation until other options had been explored. If you do have coronary artery disease, then there are many things that can be done based on your specific state. Early on, diet and exercise are excellent strategies, after getting approval from your cardiologist. Later stages of disease may require medications, and possibly even revascularization either with stents or a coronary artery bypass. Usually, the last step to even consider would be a transplant. Please speak with your cardiologist to address your condition appropriately.

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