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"How do I prepare my kid for a hematology consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do I prepare my kid for a hematology consultation?


As you can imagine he is frightened.


It would be helpful to know why your child is having a hematology consultation, because a lot of what will happen will depend upon that. Nevertheless, pediatric hematologist are like any other specialist pediatricians, in that they have offices and see patients in much the same kind of setting as any other pediatrician. Therefore, you could start by reassuring your son that the visit will not be much different than any other visit to the pediatrician. A first consultation, I imagine, will mostly consist of a long interview in which your hematologist gets to know your family and your son, asks questions about the reason for the referral and your son's past medical history, about your family's medical history, and about what diagnostic workup of your son's condition has been done so far. Once this information is collected, your hematologist will be in a position to make some recommendations on how to proceed. I imagine that additional blood work will be needed as well as perhaps other studies as well, but this will all probably happen after the first consultation. If you or your son have any particular concerns or fears, you should address them during that visit.

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