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"Will I be told about hemophilia during my hematology follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWill I be told about hemophilia during my hematology follow up?


I think I might have hemophilia. I am 21. Will they discuss this with me?


It sounds like you are going to be referred to a hematologist because you have some problems with easy bruising or bleeding, at least I suppose this because you are talking about hemophilia, which is a disorder of blood clotting and leads to bleeding problems. However, hemophilia is generally a fairly severe disorder, and it is generally diagnosed in childhood. Rarely, in very mild cases, the diagnosis might not be made until adulthood if the episodes of easy bleeding are quite minimal. Therefore, although a very mild form of hemophilia is a possibility, it is also possible that you have another reason for your bleeding problems. For example, hemophilia is causes by problems with clotting factors but there are a number of conditions caused instead by problems with platelets. In fact, the most common reason for easy bleeding is von Willebrand's disease, which is precisely a problem with platelet function. Regardless, your hematologist will be an expert in all of these possibilities. They will ask some questions and perform an examination and then determine which tests are needed to make a diagnosis of your condition. Based on these results, they will provide you with the necessary information that you need.

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