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"Will they need to do any tests after my hematology follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWill they need to do any tests after my hematology follow up?


I hate needles and they've used a lot of tests on me already. No more or will mor ebe needed?


I cannot answer this question definitively because I am not sure exactly why you are going to see the hematologist. Hematologist are doctors who specialize in conditions involving the blood or blood clotting. Common reason for adults to be referred to a hematologist by their primary care doctors include suspected problems with blood clotting (such as recurrent clots in the veins, or the opposite problem of signs of easy bleeding, such as bruising or heavy menstrual periods), persistently low blood counts (low white blood cells or low platelets), or anemia. After reviewing your medical history and the reason for the referral in detail, and asking a lot of questions about your symptoms and your past medical history and performing a physical examination, the hematologist will be able to give you some ideas about potential causes of your problem. It is hard to imagine that they will not want to do some other laboratory tests, and I think that you will probably have to have a few more blood draws. Alternatively, it may be that your primary doctors have already performed all the necessary tests and you are going to the hematologist just with questions about how to manage something that has already been diagnosed.

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