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"Is there a cure for hemorrhoids?"


I'm a 38 year old man with very bad hemorrhoids. Is there a cure?


There are many remedies available for hemorrhoids, but it will depend on your specific situation as to which method of treatment is the best. Hemorrhoids stem from inflamed blood vessels that pass close to your anus. When these have slowed blood flow or clotting, they become very angry, red, and extremely painful.

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Sometimes the best cure for these is the simplest and oldest remedy known: sitz baths or soaks in lukewarm water for a short period of time often yield tremendous improvement and allow for the area affected to improve. While there are creams, gels, and wipes that can offer some symptomatic improvement, none of these will ever actually cure the condition, they will just make it more tolerable. Any cure would entail some sort of surgical procedure, of which there are many. Some of the simplest are banding procedures that aim to remove the affected blood vessels by cutting off the circulation. Others are more involved surgeries that can require general anesthesia. Speak to your doctor to find out which of all of the options is right for you, and perhaps a colorectal surgery consultation would be of value as you try to find the best fit.

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