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"What do I need to know about my liver before my hepatology consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat do I need to know about my liver before my hepatology consultation?


Hello. I did my research, but what exactly do I need to know before my hepatology consultation?


It is likely that you are being referred to a hepatologist (i.e., liver specialist) because your primary care physician feels that you have some form of liver problem or disease. This referral may have been made for a specific laboratory test with an abnormal result, or possibly due to something on your physical exam or in your medical history suggestive of liver disease. You should try to collect this type of information prior to your visit with the hepatologist. It would be helpful to have the results of any pertinent blood or imaging tests as well. Your doctor may ask you about prior vaccinations (such as Hepatitis A and B) so any records on these would also be helpful. You should be prepared to answer questions about diet, exercise, alcohol use and any other drug habits. If there is a concern about a heritable disorder, you should try to obtain an accurate family history of medical problems. Additionally, it is always helpful to have a list of medications that you are currently taking, and to have a list of any medical problems with which you have been diagnosed (including approximate dates of diagnosis or surgery).

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