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"My legs are killing me. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersMy legs are killing me. Why?


I'm a 29 year old mother. I've been having a lot of pain in my legs like a tingling sensation by my ankles, and I noticed my veins are swollen and hurt so much..I also feel as if my heart is racing like I can't breathe. What could be the problem?


Feeling like your heart is racing and you have trouble breathing, together with having swollen legs, means that you should see your primary care doctor. Although the two symptoms are probably not related in someone your age, occasionally together these symptoms can be a sign of a serious heart problem. Serious heart problems do sometimes develop in young women, especially during and right after a pregnancy. Your doctor will be able to perform an examination and rule out this problem. More common causes of leg swelling would include varicose veins, which it sounds like you may have. Treating these may involve elevating the legs, avoiding salt, or wearing compression stockings. Assuming you do not have a heart problem, then the palpitations and shortness of breath may not be related to the swelling in your legs. Instead, it may be related to fatigue, anemia, depression, or anxiety. Again, I suggest talking to your primary care doctor, as they will be able to perform a thorough physical examination and help you decide if something serious is going on and if additional laboratory or diagnostic testing is needed. They will also help you discuss how to treat your symptoms, if that is necessary.

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