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"Is there anything I need to bring for my first OBGYN appointment?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there anything I need to bring for my first OBGYN appointment?


This is my first pregnancy. What does the first appointment consist of?


Your first appointment with your OBGYN is both a very important and very exciting visit for both you and your partner. At this visit, the doctor will ask you what will seem like a million questions and do a thorough physical exam. The first thing you will want to bring with you is knowledge of any past medical conditions you have had, and any surgeries you have had. You will want to bring with you any records from visits with your primary care physician (if you have one). Your doctor will ask about your history of sexually transmitted infections, when you last menstrual period began, and history of PAP smears. You and your partner will be asked about your family medical histories. Finally, you will have a standard pelvic exam done with pap smear, and an ultrasound down so that your new baby can be observed for the first time. I suggest that you give you OBGYN a call a few days prior to the visit to get a list of information that you will need to bring. You can start with the information I have mentioned here. This should be a happy and joyful time for you, and you will be able to bring home your first set of baby pictures to place on you refrigerator. Have fun.

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