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"What can I do for my 5 month old son's atopic dermatitis at home?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do for my 5 month old son's atopic dermatitis at home?


My son is 5 months old, about 21 lbs, and I can't solve his "hot spots" attributed to atopic dermatitis. His three year old sister had eczema fairly bad at this age when she was a baby and we had to get a prescription to solve her problem. Is there a natural option for my son? I am using Cetaphil body wash and lotion (a recommended regimen) and it has made his skin much softer, but the redness has not gone away. He is not on any medication.


There are a few home remedies that you can try for eczema. If these do not work, you will unfortunately have to go see your pediatrician or dermatologist, as a prescription may be necessary. To start with, as you know, eczema is caused by excessive dryness of the skin. Therefore an effective treatment in this age group is to soak the child daily in the bathtub until their skin becomes soft and wrinkled. Then, dry him carefully by patting and immediately slather him in a thick skin moisturizer. It is best to use a thick, greasy moisturizer rather than a lotion. This is because lotions are too light and do not protect the skin well. My favorite moisturizer in this situation is hydrolated petrolatum, which is sticky enough to stay on for a good long while. If this method does not use, then you will need to try a steroid cream. Initially you could try over the counter steroids (such as 1% hydrocortisone cream), all the while continuing the bath and moisturizer routine. However, if this does not work you will have to see your doctor, as you will probably need to have a stronger prescription strength steroid cream prescribed.

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