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"Are Caesarean babies more likely to have infections?"

ZocdocAnswersAre Caesarean babies more likely to have infections?


The doctors say my child should be fine if delivered through c-section. I worry about infections. It isn't natural.


A Caesarean section is a very common type of operation that is used to deliver a baby. It is a generally safe operation that is performed routinely by all OB GYN doctors. Most of the time, both the mother and the baby tolerate the operation very well without any trouble. Because it is a major operation, however, it is best not to do it unless it is necessary. There is significant blood loss for the mother and also a long recovery time. Therefore most OB GYN doctors will only perform the operation if it becomes very necessary. Common reasons for doing a Caesarean would include if there are problems with the mother's health, such as high blood pressure, that cannot be controlled, or if the baby is stressed and not tolerating normal labor well. Caesareans are also commonly performed for the second delivery of a mother who has already had one Caesareans, as there is a higher risk of having a rupture of the uterus with a second delivery. You should talk with your OB GYN doctor about your concerns. Most likely your OB GYN doctor will avoid performing a Caesarean section unless it is really needed; however, if it is needed, both you and the baby should do fine.

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