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"What are the drawbacks of having a Caesarean baby?"


Are there any? It seems less painful. I am 27 as of now.


A c-section is a commonly used procedure to surgically remove a baby as an alternative to vaginal delivery. It is used when vaginal delivery cannot occur because of maternal issues (labor not progressing etc), or when the baby is under distress and needs to be borne very quickly. There are some drawbacks, and thus it is not done unless it absolutely has to be done for medical issues pertinent to the mother or baby.

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For example, because it is a surgical procedure, the recovery time for the mother afterward is longer. Because there is an incision, there is generally more pain (not less pain) than a vaginal delivery. After a c-section there is a scare that forms across the uterus which can increase the chances for a fatal uterine rupture on subsequent pregnancies. Finally, babies born by Cesarean generally have a tougher time breathing at first compared to babies that are borne by vaginal delivery. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, then I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OBGYN. The two of you can discuss birth methods and how best to proceed. Most likely, your doctor will recommend a vaginal birth with c-section used only as an emergency back up in case something goes wrong.

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