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"How long do cancer patients stay in the hospital?"


Are they in and out a lot? Do they have to stay overnight?


The length of stay is completely variable and depends on the specific circumstances: the reason for hospitalization, the treatment provided, the existing co-morbidities of the patient, etc. Some cancer patients are admitted to the hospital for the administration of certain chemotherapy regimens that require long infusions and close monitoring; these patients may only require hospitalization for one night. Other cancer patients, such as those with certain types of leukemia, may require up to a week or more of continuous chemotherapy.

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The intended effect of these therapies includes suppression of the bone marrow, which may take up to a month to recover. Unfortunately, this time is spent in the hospital where daily labs can be monitored and patients can receive supportive care such as transfusions, fluids and antibiotics. If you are concerned about cancer or would like to know more about a particular type of cancer, then you should consult with your primary care physician for further evaluation or information.

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