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"What are different forms of cancer therapy?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are different forms of cancer therapy?


Does music therapy help cancer patients? I am interested in getting a music therapist for my husband.


First of all, I am very sorry to hear that you and your husband are dealing with a diagnosis of cancer. This can be very difficult, and I definitely suggest that you seek support from family and friends. Additionally, there are many other resources that might be available to you and helpful, such as music therapy, massage, and meditation. You should talk to the team that is helping manage your husband's medical treatment. For example your husband's primary cancer doctor or his social worker may be able to make referrals or have suggestions for connecting to these various types of therapy. All of these therapies are useful to cancer patients, because they allow them to relax and focus on pleasurable sensations rather than their cancer symptoms and treatment. This can lead to improved mood and a sense of wellness despite their condition. Also, do not forget that sometimes people with cancer actually develop symptoms of depression that need to be treated with medications. If you feel like your husband's is developing any serious mood symptoms, you should mention these to his primary cancer doctor, as medical treatment may be indicated and may make a big difference for him.

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