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"Where do the clinically obese go for help?"

ZocdocAnswersWhere do the clinically obese go for help?


Are there groups? Exercise goups? I'm 33. Would like to lose weight with a group of others.


First of all, congratulations on wanting to start losing weight! Weight loss is a very important step in ensuring your good health over the coming years. I think the first stop would be your primary care doctor's office. Your doctor can advise you as to whether there are any medical conditions that would otherwise limit your ability to participate in an exercise program. This is an important step, because many of the group based exercise programs that are run out of community centers and the like may require medical clearance to participate. Your doctor will also be a good first stop because they most likely have a list of community resources for getting in shape. The could include community centers, commercial gyms, and support groups; all of these are good option for you, assuming your doctor clears you medically to participate. You may also want to see a nutritionist. Usually, successful weight loss requires both a regular, daily aerobic exercise routine and, in addition, a dieting plan. A nutritionist can make an assessment of your overall eating habits and weight loss needs and goals and help you come up with a realistic plan to add healthy eating to your routine.

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