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"Why does acupressure help a bruise feel less sore?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does acupressure help a bruise feel less sore?


Would ike to know. I rub my bruise and it feels better.


Bruises, or medically known as an ecchymosis, is a common condition. We all experience these from time to time. If you have a severe bruise that is not improving or is causing severe pain, I would recommend that you see your primary care doctor. In addition, if you feel you experience a significant amount of unexplained or an unusually high number of these than you should see your primary care doctor. A bruise feels better when rubbing because the rubbing "confuses" the nerves. The brain receives information from the body through a set of nerves. There are nerves that are dedicated to send the brain pain signals, pressure signals, vibration signals, temperature signals and others. When one has a bruise the pain nerves are activated and therefore (through the spinal cord) tell the brain that there is pain in the area of the skin or muscle -- thus we experience the pain. Now if you add pressure and or heat and or vibration -- then those signals also go to the brain. These other signals "crowd" out the pain signal somewhat -- as they are all going to the same part of the brain that can only handle so much. The "noise" dampens out the pain "signal." See your doctor if you have more questions.

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