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"Are bloody stools a symptom of acute kidney failure?"

ZocdocAnswersAre bloody stools a symptom of acute kidney failure?


I am a 33 year old woman who is worried about acute kidney failure. Recently I had bloody stools. What can I do now?


In general, acute kidney failure is not associated with bloody stools. In fact, the symptoms of acute kidney failure are often difficult to detect. In general the symptoms of kidney injury include changes in your urine output or total volume, bloody urine, dark urine, foamy urine, or general tissue swelling.

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On the other hand, bloody stools are often a sign of other things going on. In a women your age, a blood stool is most likely do to a bleeding hemorrhoid. A hemorrhoid is a blood vessel that drains blood from the anus. Sometimes this vessel can get enlarged and can bleed. The most common symptom is blood on the toilet paper after you have wiped. Other possible causes of bloody stool is diverticulosis or even colon cancer, though these problems are usually seen in older patients. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she will likely want to do a rectal exam with a test for stool blood. If any blood is found, then you will need a referral to a gastroenteritis for a colonoscopy to look for the source of bleeding. If the cause does end up being a hemorrhoid, then your primary care physician can prescribe treatment, as well as give you a referral to a colorectal surgeon if an intervention is needed. Good luck.

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