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"Will my son outgrow his ADHD?"

ZocdocAnswersWill my son outgrow his ADHD?


Hi. I have a four year old son with ADHD. Is this something he can outgrow?


ADHD is a disorder characterized by problems with attention span and hyperactive behavior. It is most commonly diagnosed in childhood, most commonly during school age when problems with concentration are most evident. The cause of ADHD is not currently known, although there is mounting evidence that it is at least partially "genetic" or passed down in families. Of children diagnosed with ADHD, about half will have symptoms that persist into adulthood, and about half will have resolution of their symptoms. So in this sense, ADHD is something that can be "outgrown," although we have no way of predicting which children will outgrown ADHD and which children will have the disorder for life. Children with ADHD should be followed closely by a pediatrician or psychiatrist, as there are very effective medications available for treatment. I suggest you talk with your pediatrician about your child's individual case, so they can give you more specific and detailed information about what treatment and course to expect.

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