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"Can kids go to anger management?"

ZocdocAnswersCan kids go to anger management?


My daughter seems so angry all the time. I'm not sure why. She says everything is fine but then she is angry. Should I take her to anger management?


There are many things that can cause children to react in an angry, or even violent, manner. The key to managing and appropriately helping your children with their anger usually begins with communication. There is often something that lies at the heart of your child's anger, and once this problem is addressed, there is the potential to move forward. If you have tried to speaking a personal and in-depth manner with your child on multiple occasions with no success, or if you feel that your child's issue with anger is affecting the way that she is able to perform the rest of her activities, then it might be an excellent idea to seek professional help. Additionally, if you feel that your child may become violent towards herself or others, it would be important to seek help for her. Medial and psychological professionals are trained to speak candidly with these people in a non-judgmental manner in order to be able to understand what is causing the anger, and then to work together with the patient and family to correct the problem. If you feel that the anger is getting worse, or not improving, speaking with your pediatrician is an excellent start to seeking the professional help she may need.

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