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"How effective are anti-cancer drugs?"

ZocdocAnswersHow effective are anti-cancer drugs?


Hello. I am a 37 year old woman with cancer. I would like to know how good anti-cancer drugs are. Will they help with my nausea or make it worse?


First, I am sorry that you have been diagnosed with cancer. Anticancer drugs is a term that is usually used to describe chemotherapy. This is a group of medications that are designed to destroy cancer cells and either cure, or at least treat the cancer itself. Chemotherapy comes in many forms and has many different types of side effects. I would say that most chemotherapy drugs tend to make symptoms like nausea worse in the short term, but helping to relieve the symptoms of cancer in the long run. Luckily we have many medications that are specifically designed to reduce the symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy. We have good medications for nausea, pain, lack of appetite, depression and many other symptoms. These types of medications can help your cancer symptoms, and help you get through some of the side effects of chemotherapy. I hope that answer helped. The best type of physician for you to speak to about this is your hematologist/oncologist. He or she can discuss what ever treatment is planned for your cancer and what types of side effects you should expect. In addition, you can discuss what measures your doctor plans on making to make sure that your symptoms are controlled during this time.

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