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"Does the Atkins diet work?"


I am a 33 year old man trying to lose weight. I have looked at different diets. Does the Atkins diet work? Should I try it?


The Atkin's diet is a fad diet in which the amount of fat and protein in the diet is increased and carbohydrates are restricted. You should not try it, because it suffers the same problem as all fad diets, which is that it replaces one set of unhealthy eating habits with another. The goal of dieting and weight loss should be to learn how to sustain effective, healthy, nourishing eating habits over the course of your life.

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However, fad diets do exactly the opposite - creating extreme eating plans that sacrifice overall balance and sustainability for short term rapid weight loss goals. Although most people who use a fad diet do lose some weight right away relatively quickly, nearly all of the weight is regained in most people, because the diet plans endorsed are simply not sustainable (nor would it be healthy to keep on these plans for a long period of time). Additionally, the Atkin's diet can be dangerous to people with kidney or liver problems, because it leads to build up of a certain chemical called ketones in the blood. A better approach would be to set up an appointment with a nutritionist and talk to them about a healthy eating plan.

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