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"Is trouble concentrating a symptom of attention deficit disorder?"

ZocdocAnswersIs trouble concentrating a symptom of attention deficit disorder?


Hello. I'm 22 and cannot concentrate in school. Could this be attention deficit disorder?


I strongly suggest that you go to see your primary care doctor or your psychiatrist about this issue. Adult attention deficit disorder is increasingly being recognized to be a problem for many people, and it can be treated. Symptoms of attention deficit disorder can include distractibility, inability to concentrate, inability to complete tasks, and problems with impulse control. In order to be formally diagnosed, there should be significant impairment of functioning, meaning the symptoms are making it hard for you to function in school or at work or to have successful relationships. Additionally, most adults who have attention deficit disorder are found to also have had symptoms as a child or as a teenager. What this means is that it is relatively rare for attention deficit disorder to emerge out of the blue in adulthood. Even if you were not diagnosed with attention deficit disorder at a younger age, some symptoms would likely have been present. If there have never been any symptoms, then this makes the likelihood that this is attention deficit disorder somewhat less and makes relatively simple problems like stress and fatigue more likely. You should talk to your psychiatrist, who will be able to help you sort this issue out.

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