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"What does autism therapy entail?"


How often should one attend? Does it depend on the type of autism?


Autism is a complex, lifelong disorder. There is no cure for autism, but early and sustained multidisciplinary interventions do seem to make a difference in terms of achieving better social outcomes. One very clear fact is that the earlier children with autism get services the better they do.

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Early intervention programs, for toddlers with the condition, are very effective. Early intervention generally involves one or several specialists (such as speech therapists, occupational therapists) either coming to the home or working in centers with small children to improve their interactivity, language skills, and the like. Once the child moves into the school setting, they will need an individualized education plan, where multiple education specialists work with the child in that environment to help them learn and continue to improve their social skills. There is also an important role for the psychiatrist or the primary pediatrician, as children with autism often also have symptoms (such as hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder) that will respond to various medications. Therefore, autism therapy is a complex set of behavioral, social, and medical interventions which together improve the ability of your child to function in society. Talk to your pediatrician or developmental specialist for more information.

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