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"Will supplements help a baby's health?"

ZocdocAnswersWill supplements help a baby's health?


Is it OK to give a baby supplements to help it grow?


For most healthy children, supplements other than those recommended by your doctor are not advised. In most cases, formula will have all of the nutrients that a new born baby needs in order to be healthy, and might even contain some other additives that are unnecessary. One exception to this is with regards to breast fed babies, who are often recommended to be given a vitamin d supplement during the first few months of life. Additionally, your new baby did receive (in most cases at US hospitals) an injection of a vitamin right at birth, called vitamin K, that helps reduce the risk of spontaneous bleeding. After birth, bacteria that are normally present in your baby's gut will make enough of this vitamin that it will no longer be necessary to supplement. If you have a specific need for different treatment and care, open discussions with your pediatrician will reveal these needs and they can be addressed as they arrive. Otherwise, continue to use formula (reconstituting the mix exactly as directed) or breast milk until your child is old enough to start trying solid foods. Again, speak with your pediatrician if you have further, individual, concerns.

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