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"Which part of my baby's body is closest to my birth canal?"


Is it the head? Is that why they call it crowning? I give birth and two weeks.


Giving birth is an exciting and confusing time. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you in your understanding of what is happening and is about to happen. Your baby, if all is going in the usual fashion, will have his or her head in the birth canal first during the normal process of delivery.

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That is exactly why it is called crowning. There are many videos available online, some more graphic than others, that can demonstrate exactly how the birthing process unfolds. It is very complex, and demands multiple twists and turns from your baby as he or she descends. It is truly amazing that a woman's body is able to perform such an amazing act as bringing a child into the world. Please speak with your obstetrician regarding any concerning symptoms or any questions that you might have, and pay close attention to the fetal movements and how regularly they are occurring. Please contact your doctor should you notice a decrease at any point. Use of the many available online and print literature should also help you to understand what is about to happen in full detail.

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