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"Does a high body mass index make it harder for me to lose weight?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes a high body mass index make it harder for me to lose weight?


I am a big 31 year old guy. I want to lose weight. Does being overweight make it harder?


You are asking an interesting question, but it is very good that you are trying to address your weight. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important things that you can do to not only be healthy, but to improve and maintain a high quality of life. Your question seems to be if it is harder for those who are large already to lose weight. As you are no doubt aware, BMI, or body mass index, is just a measure of your height to weight ratio. The answer to your question about losing weight is somewhat complex, and depends to some degree on both how much you weigh and how much weight loss you are attempting to achieve. Extremely obese individuals will be able to lose large amounts of weight much quicker than a smaller person, because their energy requirements to maintain the large weight are much higher. In that form of speaking, it is actually easier for extremely large people to lose weight. Relative to the total weight of the person, however, that weight loss might be insubstantial. We do know that there are some people who seem to have difficulty losing weight and keeping it off. Please speak to your doctor and dietitian about the steps that you need to take for healthy and sustainable weight loss.

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