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"What are the long-term effects of bone cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the long-term effects of bone cancer?


My bone cancer is in remission, but I want to know the long term effects. I am 41. Is it likely it will come back?


A diagnosis of cancer can be very difficult and unsettling. You should feel free to take up all of your questions and concerns with your oncologist. In particular, many cancer centers are now starting to realize that becoming a cancer survivor--while a wonderful thing!--also raises many questions and concerns for patients and families as they return to their lives. There are a growing number of resources and support for patients such as yourself, and your oncologist should be able to help you take advantage of this. With regard to bone cancer, there are many different types of bone tumors and some of them are more likely to recur than others. You will have to ask your oncologist about the details concerning your specific type of tumor. However, it is a very good thing that it has gone into remission. The best thing to do now is to get back to living your life and continue to follow with your oncologist as recommended. Unfortunately many cancers do recur--but many do not. And, if your tumor were to recur, there are likely further options your oncologist can offer. The important thing is for both you and your doctor to know that you are following up with any recommended testing at the right times.

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