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"Can living near cell phone towers mean brain tumors for my kids?"

ZocdocAnswersCan living near cell phone towers mean brain tumors for my kids?


I want to protect my kids. Should we move? I do not want them to get brain tumors. Is it likely they will get brain tumors unless we move?


Good news! There is no evidence that living near a cell phone tower will cause any health problems. I do understand your concern. Back in the early 90s, there was a lot of speculation that the use of cell phones would increase the rate of brain tumors because of the radiation that the cell phones accepted and sent out. The reason this turned out not be true is quite simple. The radio waves that the cell phones and their towers emit do not result in any damage to the body or its DNA. Thus, there is no way for these waves to damage a brain cell to the point where it would become a tumor. This is the type of question that would be good for you to bring up at your child's next visit with the pediatrician. Pediatricians are trained to know all of the common things that kids can get from being exposed to something in the environment. Questions about cell phone towers, chemicals in the house, foods to buy for them, and toys to let them play with are all questions that pediatricians are used to answering. This way you can be sure that you are keeping your kids as safe as possible. Good luck.

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