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"What kind of doctor should I see about a few small red bumps near my bikini area?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kind of doctor should I see about a few small red bumps near my bikini area?


I have noticed some small red bumps in my bikini and outer thigh area that won't go away. I want these bumps removed and I don't think a cream will do it. Who should I go see about this?


These are probably ingrown hairs, which commonly occur in regions of the body where friction occurs (such as the groin) or in regions that are frequently shaved. Basically, an ingrown hair occurs when the hair curls back on itself and grows back into the base of the follicle, plugging things up and leading to a red bump. These can be treated sometimes by gently tweezing the hair out, or by using an exfoliation technique to do the same thing. You can apply a small amount of antibacterial ointment to keep them from getting infected. In the future, if you are in the habit of shaving in the bikini area, you may want to stop to prevent this and consider an alternative form of hair removal. An alternative possibility is folliculitis, which is an infection of the base of the hair shaft. It looks quite similar to an ingrown hair also sometimes with small whiteheads appearing. Generally it is treated in much the same way, with good skin hygiene, antibacterial ointment, and avoiding irritating the skin (such as by shaving). If the symptoms do not resolve, you should set up a visit with your primary care doctor, who can help you treat this.

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