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"I should I treat reoccurring pimple-like bumps?"

ZocdocAnswersI should I treat reoccurring pimple-like bumps?


I get reoccurring pimple like bumps on my face and back of my shoulders. What are they and do I need blood work done to see if it is an infection. I do pick my skin terribly, could they just but clogged hair follicles.


The most likely cause of your pimple like bumps is that they are, in fact, pimples (acne). You do not need to have any blood work done for this condition, although you may want to see your primary care doctor to help you treat the condition. The first thing you must do is that you must stop picking at the skin. This does nothing except cause damage and inflammation, and potentially infection, of the area and puts you at much higher risk of long term scarring of the skin. To begin with, you should wash your skin daily with a good antibacterial soap. You will also want to use a comedonolytic. Comedonolytics work by stripping off the dead skin and other debris that are the causes of acne by clogging pores. Common comedonolytics are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid; both of these products are available in multiple over the counter acne preparations. If these strategies do not work for you, then you will definitely want to see your primary care doctor. This is because sometimes prescription strength comedonolytics are need, or antibiotic creams or pills, or other specialized acne creams. Your doctor can help you decide which is the best approach for your case.

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