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"What type of procedure can help remedy my keloid scarring?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat type of procedure can help remedy my keloid scarring?


I have keloid scarring at the back of my neck, how can I remedy this?


Keloids are an exaggerated response to healing beyond the boundaries of the initial wound, and is common in many people, but especially among those in their 2nd and 3rd decades of life. While there is a familial predisposition, there is also some indication that certain ethnic groups are also at risk more so than other groups. If you have a keloid, you can start by speaking with your primary care doctor. He or she will be able to review the keloid and make sure that there is nothing unique or concerning, and then coordinate referral to the appropriate specialist, either a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or ear-nose-and throat surgeon given the location and size of the keloid. While some exaggerated scars will slowly resolve over time, keloids are not as likely to do so, and so further treatment is generally indicated. This can include pressure dressings, steroid injections, and other revisions as needed, in addition to other options that will be tailored to your specific need. A personal consultation with a specialist will be paramount to ensure the optimal result, as your skin has already demonstrated that it will heal aggressively, and should thus be managed carefully to avoid more of the same during further therapy.

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