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"Sliding genioplasty vs chin implant - which is appropriate?"


I had a chin implant about one and half years ago. However, it still looks like I have a huge overbite. Would a sliding genioplasty be the answer? Can I have the chin implants removed? What is the recovery?


Chin implants have been around for some time with excellent results and a relatively rapid recovery. They are most appropriate for patients with a mild to moderate deformity, and they will thus not be perfect for everyone. For those who feel that they are still lacking in the desired effect, a sliding genioplasty represents a more aggressive approach that is likely to provide more drastic results, albeit at the cost of a longer recovery time because the bone itself is being altered.

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It is also notable that this drastic effect is available because of the ability to alter the contour and appearance in more dimensions than are available with simply adding bulk via the positioning of implants. Even though this procedure can be more effective at obtaining the desired facial appearance, it is important to understand the limitations and make sure that it is right for you. Certain patients with specific dental issues may be less likely to benefit from this procedure, or it might even be a poor fit. Additionally, other medical conditions might make you less likely to benefit, and so your health and surgical history should be reviewed completely with your surgeon. Finally, it is usually possible to remove the implants that have been placed previously.

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