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"What kind of medication is prescribed for an individual like me, if any?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kind of medication is prescribed for an individual like me, if any?


I am 52 years old with chronic pain issues in my back and knees, also, i've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, osteo arthritis, diabetes, hepatitis c, nueropathy, asthma, and have bleeding ulcers. i've been through extensive therapy and have also had injections for spinal stenosis/lumbar region. what type of medications would you prescribe? (i tried to commit suicide 6 months ago because of being on the wrong depression medications, and i'm doing fine regarding my depression)


You would be someone that will need to follow with your physician, or rather physicians, closely, and make sure that they communicate with each other and your frequently. Polypharmacy, the term doctors use to describe using many medications for the same patient, is likely to be a problem that you have to deal with over the years, as your multiple medical conditions will require different therapies. The risk is always that some medications might interact with others. Fortunately, there are excellent tools available to minimize this risk. Other complications that you are likely to face include the breadth of your medical complaints. Many medications that would be helpful for your pain control issues, for example, would be risky with regards to your bleeding ulcers. You will likely need to council with a medical team including a primary care doctor, a hepatologist, and a pain management specialist, depending on the experience and expertise of the physicians with whom you are working. Together, they should be able to concoct a treatment algorithm and approach that will be the safest possible, while also providing the best short term symptom control and long term outcome possible. Please speak to your primary care doctor to coordinate your care appropriately.

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