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"Will I be able to see Dhobi's itch clearly?"


I am a 24 year old athlete with an itchy groin. I think have Dhobi's itch, but there's no mark on my leg. Should I be able to see something?


Dhobi's itch refers to a fungal infection caused by an organism called "tinea" of the skin, also known as ringworm, and commonly referred to as "athlete's foot" when it affects the feet, or "jock itch" when it affects the groin. The typical symptoms of a tinea infection are extreme itchiness and a red, circular rash with "central clearing" (a clear area of normal-colored skin within the borders). This can start as a very small red rash and typically grows outwards in a circular pattern.

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When it grows in areas with hair, "alopecia" or hair loss can be a common result. There are other concerning reasons for an itchy groin; particularly common causes in your age group include "crabs" or public lice, as well as certain STDs (which typically cause itchiness just in the penile area). Only an in-person consultation with a doctor can diagnose a ringworm infection and separate it from the other common causes of itching in this area. Since a diagnosis without an in-person consultation is not possible, I strongly urge you to seek a consultation with your primary care doctor, who can establish a diagnosis and prescribe you the appropriate treatment.

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