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"Can I be cured of diabetes mellitus?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I be cured of diabetes mellitus?


Is there a cure to diabetes? I'm only 22 and I have it. That's a long time to live without sweets.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for diabetes. However, there are measures that you can take to improve your overall health and reduce the complications that occur because of diabetes. In addition, your future health with diabetes depends somewhat on what type you have. If you have type 1 diabetes (that you need insulin shots for), then you will have to take this insulin for the rest of your life. However, since you are so young, there is a possibility that in the next 10-20 years, there will be medical procedures that can provide a long term cure for type 1 diabetes such that you won't have to take insulin any more. If you have type 2 diabetes, then you will have an opportunity as life goes on to control you disease through exercise, weight loss, and medications. I suggest that you schedule frequent appointments with your primary care physician or whoever you have chosen to treat your diabetes and help you with your blood sugar control. The two of you can discuss your treatment plan and your future. If you have type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes, then I would suggest that you get a referral to an endocrinologist who will be keen to the latest treatments including islet cell transplant, which may produce a cure sometime in the future. Good luck.

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