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"Can diabetics eat chocolate?"

ZocdocAnswersCan diabetics eat chocolate?


I really miss eating chocolate. Is it OK to nibble on some every now and then? I have diabetes and I am 39.


As you know, diabetes is a complex disease that involves poor blood sugar control by the body's endocrine system which can result in high blood sugars. It can be a dangerous disease especially in the long term as the high blood sugars can cause nerve damage, damage to your eyesight, and damage to your blood vessels. The good news is that these complications are preventable by control of your blood sugar. As you know chocolate does have a lot of sugar in it, which will raise your blood sugar when you eat it. On the other hand, having a small pleasure in life every now and then usually does not cause much harm. Therefore this is an issue that you should bring up with the doctor that is helping you treat you diabetes. This is most often your primary care physician. The two of you can discuss this issue and come up with a compromise where you can enjoy small amounts of chocolate every now and then as long as it isn't a regular thing, and as long as it does not impact your overall blood sugars. Your doctor's answer will depend on how well you blood sugar is currently controlled. If your blood sugar has been very controlled recently, your doctor is more likely to be lenient with your request for some latitude with your diet. If you sugars have not been controlled, then your doctor may not be as lenient about your diet. Good luck.

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