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"How can I stick to my diet plan?"


I am having trouble losing weight and sticking to my food plan. What can I do to motivate myself.


First of all, I want to congratulate you on attempting to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle! This is an important part of preventing medical problems down the road and making sure you get to lead the life you want to lead. I would recommend first talking to your primary care doctor. They will be able to make a medical assessment of your condition and give you specific recommendations on types of exercise you should perform and if there are any exercise restrictions.

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This is an important step, because weight loss require a consistent exercise plan in addition to a diet and food plan. Your doctor can help you with this and may in fact be able to give you some ideas about local resources available to you, such as free gymnasium programs and the like. Second, I recommend talking to a nutritionist. Most insurance plans will cover referrals to a nutritionist for help with dietary counseling and weight loss goals. They will be able to make a realistic assessment of your current nutritional status and your goals for weight loss in the coming months and years and help you map out in detail how to best achieve these goals.

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