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"Do diet plans work?"

ZocdocAnswersDo diet plans work?


I am a 24 year old male. I created a diet plan in order to lose weight. Will this work for me?


Unfortunately there is a large and confusing array of popular diet plans on the market, each with its own adherents and advocates. It can be very difficult to sort through all of the promotional material and media surrounding popular diet plans to determine if they actually work or not. Most good data that has analyzed popular or fad diet plans has shown that they tend to promote rapid but limited weight loss, and that most people are not able to stick with the diet long term. In fact many popular diet plans actually promote unhealthy eating habits, and they tend not to be focused on building good life long eat behaviors. One way to make sure that the plan you are developing is a good and sustainable one is to talk with a trained nutritionist. Most medical insurance plans will cover a few visits with a nutritionist for weight loss. Nutritionists are trained to analyze your eating habits and weight loss needs and to suggest a reasonable, specific plan for you. They also provide you education on healthy lifestyle, so this is not just about a 'crash' diet but rather about changing the way you eat for the long term.

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