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"How can I fulfill my dietary need for vegetables?"


I hate the taste of vegetables. I know I need them. How can I squeeze them in?


Kudos to you for trying to figure out how to incorporate vegetables into your daily diet, even though you don't like them. You are absolutely correct that the health benefits of vegetables are worth trying to make them a regular part of your daily diet, and as you may know, current recommendations suggest that we eat 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables each day. There are several things you can do to try and increase your vegetable intake.

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First, there are a lot of veggies out there--are you sure that you've tried them all? You might be surprised and there are a few out there that do taste good. You can do some searching online for information about different vegetables you may not have tried that you can look for at your local grocery store. Your primary care physician may also be able to connect you with a dietician who can also give some good advice about different options. Second, part of the secret to enjoying vegetables is how they are prepared. Again, the internet can be very helpful--check out online cooking websites or blogs for suggestions on how to prepare vegetables. As long as you're not using excessive amounts of oil/butter/cheese in the preparation, cooking techniques can help take a bitter vegetable and make it quite delicious. You can also 'hide' vegetables in other foods you may eat regularly.

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