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"Should I listen to other people's diet tips?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I listen to other people's diet tips?


Everyone seems to know the best way for me to lose weight. Should I listen to them or just ignore it and figure it out for myself.


It is often very helpful when you are dieting or trying to lose weight to have the support of family and friends. This can make the difference for you in terms of sticking to your plans or not. At the same time, many people adhere to fad diets that are not healthy, because they introduce new, different bad eating habits to replace the old ones and, although they may result in quick weight loss initially, this is usually not sustainable. One solution to help you navigate through the confusing array of diets on the market and advice of friends is to go see a nutritionist. Many insurance plans will pay for visits to a nutritionist to help with weight loss. A nutritionist is an expert at helping you assess your current eating habits and to set realistic, achievable, and defined plans for new, healthy eating and weight loss. One of the major benefits of a nutritionist is that they educate you on how to maintain healthy eating habits over your life, rather than just focusing narrowly on weight loss, which is not always exactly the same thing. Your primary care doctor is another resource that is available to you as you try to lose weight and would be happy to talk.

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