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Why do I have food cravings late at night?

I am 28 and maybe I stay up too late but I always crave food late at night. What can I do to stop?
Late night food cravings are very common, but they can be controlled. In fact if you are trying to work on weight loss or eating more healthy foods, then it is important to control them. The best way to help control these cravings is to eat healthy, balanced meals all throughout the day. If you eat regular, small, frequent meals this will keep your blood sugar levels more steady and you will be able to avoid the peaks and falls in the blood sugar that are likely to stimulate cravings. Another strategy that could be helpful would be to eat a fiber-rich meal at dinner. Fiber tends to hang around a while and keep you full for longer, which should push off the cravings. You could also consider eating your dinner a bit later in the evening, again to avoid feeling hungry just before bed. If you do have cravings still, plan ahead for them. This means having small, healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables on hand rather than junk foods. Also, consider turning off the television and getting some physical exercise if the cravings strike. I recommend talking to your primary care doctor for more information about this issue.
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