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"Is it possible for a 16 month old to have surgery for adenoiditis?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it possible for a 16 month old to have surgery for adenoiditis?


My 16 month old daughter has had a horrible history of runny nose that never ends. She has not been diagnosed with adenoditis, however I would like to know if she could be a possible candidate for the removal of her adenoids as she has been suffering from these bad symptoms for about 11 months.


Nasal congestion and runny nose (rhinorrhea) can be very frustrating in an infant. Both your primary care physician and otolaryngologist (ENT) can help manage your daughter's runny nose. Rhinorrhea can be common in infants and toddlers, especially during the winter months as they are exposed to many cold viruses. Often, children seem as if they are consistently sick, but on further review of symptoms, they have a virus which then improves and then later redevelop symptoms from a new virus. So it is possible that your daughter's runny nose is from recurrent viral infections. Allergies may also play a role in persistant rhinorrhea and nasal symptoms. Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (T&A) are two of the most common surgical procedures in childhood. There are various indciations for surgery including airway obstruction, bleeding, recurrent throat infections, and chronic tonsillitis. Enlarged adenoids can cause nasal obstruction in children and are a common reason for removal. Symptoms of adenoid hypertrophy (enlarged adenoids) include mouth breathing, nasal discharge and snoring. The most common complications after a T&A include throat pain, ear pain, bleeding, and anesthesia related adverse effects. Infection and airway obstruction are rare complications. If after your evaluation, your physician determines a procedure is necessary, you should discuss the risk and benefits. You should follow up with your primary pediatrician to discuss the persistent runny nose and consider an evaluation by an Ear Nose Throat physician.

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